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Helga pipeline documentation

Welcome to the Helga pipeline documentation. Here you can find almost all answers to questions about how we do things within the Helga pipeline. It is the first place to look for answers if you have a questions. The second option is to ask me (Timm Wagener), you are very welcome to do that as often as possible, or write me an email.


Please keep one thing in mind: A pipeline, or at least our pipeline, is not at first place a bunch of scripts that a TD hacks together that will automate this and that. A pipeline really is an agreement between all project workers, to meet certain standards that make life easier for everybody. All scripting and automatization comes after that and just builds on top of that!

API Documentation

helga.houdini helga.houdini package
helga.maya helga.maya package
helga.nuke helga.nuke package
helga.general helga.general package

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