Animation checklist


Here are some important things for the animators amongst us. Since your output is used in simulation, lighting, shading etc. please pay attention to these points, to ensure everything is running smoothly through the pipe.

If you have questions just ask Johannes, Manuel or Timm.

Simulation Preroll

In order for the extensive cloth sim, that we want to put on top of the helga characters, there is some pre-roll time necessary. Trust me, it’s not rocket science, here’s how we wanna do it.

There are 2 steps that come before the character animation that are needed for the sim dudes.

  1. Frame: 901 - 951

    Character is in T-Pose. The cloth settles on the T-Pose character.

  2. Frame: 951 - 1001

    On frame 951 there is a keyframe of the T-Pose. From here the character morphs linearly into the start pose. Here the cloth gets ready for the real action.

  3. Frame: 1001

    This is the first keyframe of the character animation.

We choose frame 1001 as the first keyframe of animation because it’s a round 1000 frames offset from the usual frame 1.