Photogrammetry checklist


Here i note the settings which seem to provide a good quality/time ratio. (For final solves). They are based on the first days of testing and finding out what works/doesnt work.

If you have questions ask Johannes or Timm.

Solve settings (final)

Set the settings in the batch process dialog to the following. Before the aligning of chunks (second step) it makes sense to check the solved chunks and disable those that dont work before aligning and merging chunks.


  1. Import as multiple chunks

  2. Align Photos: High

  3. Align Chunks:
    • chunks count < 10: High
    • chunks count > 10: Medium
  4. Build dense cloud:
    • chunks count < 10: High
    • chunks count > 10: Medium
  5. Mesh:
    • Face count: Custom (2.000.000 polies).
  6. Texture:
    • Size: 8192²
    • Format: .jpg

Folders to chunks

How folders in the prop_x/photoscan/photos dir. map to chunks in photoscan.

Photogrammetry assets folders and import

Machine list

The following machines have a Photoscan license:

  • Pegasus (Manuel)
  • Gnocchi (Timm)
  • Maccheroni (Timm)
  • Adonis (Johannes)
  • Fusilli (Silke)
  • Gemelli (Nicole)