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I am a animator

Hey animation crew, here is a quick overview of the what, where and how within the *helga* animation pipeline. Dont be scared, we try to make life for you as easy as possible! Please risk a quick look at these points, and in a spin you should be ready to animate :D

Who can help if there are problems?

Direction: Marco
Animation: Cindy
Rigs: Hanna and Arash
Pipeline: Timm

Dont be afraid to ask as often as possible! Remember: Some TDs look more grim than they really are ;D

Where do i get those rigs?

You can find them here:

Important: If the rigs are not there or do not behave as expected please
dont fix this yourself or grab them from another location.
Instead please ask our riggers Hanna and
Arash, since its their responsibility
to supply you with correct working material (and also they are sick experts in the biz of rigging...much more than u and me)

Where are the shots?


Why is everything an asset and not just a model or rig?

Assets are nothing special, they are just models and rigs that meet special
criteria. An asset has metadata for example to guarantee that it will
export correctly for the lighting dudes.
The general idea is, that everything you animate (Set, Characters and Props)
is an asset so a smooth functioning is guaranteed.

I want an additional asset in my shot. How?

You need another beer bottle or an empty glass to get the perfect framing?
Its totally fine to reference another asset in your shot, as long as you
grab them from here:

Those assets have been messed with by a TD and are guaranteed to export
correctly to lighting, simulation etc.
If the asset you need isnt there, just ask me and i will try to add it.


After animation is approved, the simulation department (Johannes)
will do its thing.
In order for them to do a good job, you need to supply them with a so called
Resting Pose. The resting pose basically is a T-Pose that blends linear into
your first frame of animation. You can read more about it here.