Quick GuideΒΆ


Here is a quick cheat sheet of how we be rollin. In 95% of all cases you do the right thing when you follow these simple rules.

  1. Communicate!

    If you are unsure, dont do it. Talk to the person that knows!!!

  2. If you dont know, and nobody is there to tell you: Use your rnd folder.

  3. Use the naming convention

    To let people will know who is responsible, what is the latest version etc. Read about it here

  4. Your work is not done when your work is done!

    Your work is done when you correctly gave it to the coworker who uses it next (Publishing/Copying/Overwriting).

  5. Workspace and Publishing

    This is the system that builds upon the former rule. Work in your workspace and give it to your coworkers when its ready (publish). Read more about it here. Much of the work your coworkers do depends on you being clean and organized (rig references for animators, texture references for shading artists, matte painting references for comp artists).

  6. Work clean and dont rush! If you dont work clean, you cause somebody else more work.

  7. Never reference/use something from a work directory