Houdini Variables


Here is a quick overview of all the specific variables that can be used in Houdini. They should always be used instead of a hard wired path. They will expand before an .ifd is generated so they should be working with the farm properly.

All helga variables are prefixed with HELGA, if they arent, they are not specific to the helga project.


This list is subject to constant updates.

How To?

Here’s how its used in Houdini. Its simple and comfortable.

Houdini env. Variables expand example.


$HELGA_SHOT_NAME Name of the current shot 030_establishertavern, 240_kick, etc.

This variable is added by the pipeline on startup if it doesnt exist. However it is NOT given a value. The correct value for the current shot has to be set by the user. Please see below for examples.


When importing Alembics (characters, shots, cameras) please always have your path starting with:
For example:


$HELGA_HOUDINI_EXE Path to pipeline Houdini C:/symlinks/houdini/13.0.260/hfs/bin/houdinifx.exe
$HELGA_MAYA_EXE Path to pipeline Maya C:/symlinks/maya/maya2014x64/bin/maya.exe
$HELGA_NUKE_EXE Path to pipeline Nuke D:/tools/Nuke8.0v1/Nuke8.0.exe


$HELGA_PIPELINE_BASE_PATH Root path of server //bigfoot/grimmhelga
$HELGA_PIPELINE_FLAVOUR Currently active pipeline flavour. Could be deploy or sandbox etc. deploy, sandbox etc.


$HELGA_SCRIPTS_BASE_PATH Python package base path. From here you can import helga. //bigfoot/grimmhelga/Production/scripts/deploy/helga
$HELGA_HDRI_PATH Path for all HDRIs $HELGA_PIPELINE_BASE_PATH + /Production/2d/hdri
$HELGA_OTL_PATH Default path for helga otls $HELGA_PIPELINE_BASE_PATH + /Production/3d/maya/scenes/assets/otls
$HELGA_FUR_PATH Path for fur caches $HELGA_PIPELINE_BASE_PATH + /Production/3d/maya/cache/fur
$HELGA_ALEMBIC_PATH Path for all abc caches used in lighting, fur and sim. $HELGA_PIPELINE_BASE_PATH + /Production/3d/maya/cache/alembic
$HELGA_TEXTURES_PATH Path for all textures used in the helga project. $HELGA_PIPELINE_BASE_PATH + /Production/3d/maya/scenes/assets/textures
$HELGA_RENDER_PATH Root Path where all images are rendered to from 3d. $HELGA_PIPELINE_BASE_PATH + /Production/3d/maya/images