Coding Convention

If you want to contribute to our pipeline, please let me know. There is a place for these efforts and i will try to support you with that. In return you are expected to follow our coding standards in order for your code to integrate consistently with the codebase and make it easier for everybody.

Our coding convention in one sentence:

Do it as in PEP 8 or PEP 257 and name your objects as in the Google Python Convention.


The current codebase contains large portions of legacy code. While still functional it was created before the coding conventions where active. This will be refactored over time.

Important PEPs

There are a lot of PEPs. Some are more important than others. You are expected to read and use them. Often times in this document, i will just refer to the appropiate place in some PEP.

Variables, Classes, Modules, Packages etc.

For naming of objects in Python we use the Google naming convention. (PEP 8 does not recommend any naming).

module_name, package_name, ClassName, method_name, ExceptionName, function_name,
GLOBAL_CONSTANT_NAME, global_var_name, instance_var_name, function_parameter_name,

You can find the full documentation here.

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